Meddi Meds

My story and how MeddiMeds was started in 2018. Unfortunately I was born with pain in my body and for many years the doctors thought I was crazy so they gave me aspirin and valium’s at 7 years of age. My momo (grandmother) had an ointment that was green and smelled good. She would rub that ointment on my body and I wouldn’t have any pain. To make a long story short, eventually they found out that I had fibromyalgia, degeneration of my back and spine. They were giving me injections and pain pills. Well the pain was getting worse and they stop giving pain medicine to me because I smoke cannabis for pain, depression, anxieties and relaxation. At that point I remembered what my momo (grandmother) would rub on me. Not knowing what it was I prayed about it and went in my kitchen and their CutieCute Pain Relief Ointment was once again born. God blessed my momo with the recipe and he gave me the gift to re-create it and share it with others.

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