Imagine Solutions with Urban Youth Initiative Inc.

Urban Youth Initiative (UYI) was founded in 2004 by three highly educated individuals. One of those being a passionate behavior consultant by the name of Wesley Thurman. As a psychotherapist, writer and international educator, Wesley has the experience needed to help the youth of New York State’s urban areas. UYI is a community based organization not for profit that helps the at-risk youth of New York.

“Wesley is a leader and a source of inspiration to many. He is the kind of person who does not rest until what he had planned for the day is accomplished. In addition, Wesley’s standards are high. He is responsible, respected and widely praised. Wesley made intelligent and visionary contributions during common lecturers discussions. His true talent came into full view in the field in which his leadership abilities took centre stage. I believe in Wesley’s strong personal abilities.”

Shahboz Babaev

Head of Foreign Lecturers Department
Anhui Progressive Culture & Education Co., Ltd., Hefei, China