Generation Now

“Due to social media, the internet, and other technology, the lives of our children are more public and more remote while being heavily scrutinized by friends and online viewers. As parents we have an opportunity to help our children face these obstacles and develop the necessary life skills and academic behaviors to overcome these challenges, and ultimately, experience more joy and find deeper meaning in life. At Generation Now we help our youngest clients develop healthy routines and habits which brings them a greater sense of self and more command of their lives; we work with our teenage clients to lessen their dependency on smartphones and reduce their exposure on social-media so they achieve more satisfaction from personal relationships and more self-control; and, we collaborate with parents to provide them additional methods and strategies at home to accomplish their child-rearing goals. We assist parents and build upon their best efforts as we raise our newest generation. We provide life skills coaching in one-on-one and small group settings – complimented with parent workshops – where our young folks can practice and learn these vital “gifts.” Nothing is more important than raising a more mindful, able generation to act as stewards of our future.”

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