Coach Nar

When I first started coaching and was asked what I did as a profession, a sense of dread would take over me because of my own insecurities. I know, right? Having insecurities just seems to be woven into the fabric of our souls, but the awareness of them makes all the difference. What were my insecurities, you ask?

For one year, I refrained from approaching people confidently about what I had focused my attention and energy on. I had written and published my book, The Boss of Me, with the intention of understanding myself better. Through that understanding, I was passionate about helping others rediscover themselves with new perspectives. This led to some readers contacting me and hiring me for my coaching services, and despite gaining clients and seeing positive results, I did not feel supported and could not find the support from within. What was I doing? Was I really coaching people?! I continued to do the work and show up for my clients, with my own doubts and fears taking a back seat. Coaching was becoming a way of life for my clients and myself alike.

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