AJCraft CrownJewelry

Ten years ago, I took up a hobby to make bead jewelry. At the same time I worked in the public and private schools as a teacher. I enjoyed making beaded jewelry—necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. I even sold a few pieces to customers who wanted a custom-made bracelet made of peridot gemstones and leather and silver findings. Another fashionable piece– a necklace made with black leather coil (rope) and black beads. A third necklace was added— a leather Onyx 3x4x bead.

I took this piece to a high-end consignment jewelry store where the owner admired the pieces and asked if I made other pieces. That’s when I became aware of my gift of designing and creating jewelry. However, I hadn’t decided to leave my job as a public-school teacher until two years ago.

I decided to open an online jewelry store AJCraft-Crown Jewelry and to focus all my attention on my craft.