8 Signs It’s Time For A Website Redesign:Read To Uncover

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Your website may be a vital part of your daily life. You work everything via your website and check the regular functions going well. All these reasons will tend to ignore the facts that your website may have been outdated already.

You may not notice it but your customers may. And the impact of it will be great on your business.

So, what to do?

For you, check these 8 signs to examine if it’s time to do a redesign of your website or not.

1.Your Website Is Taking More Than 5 Seconds To Load

You may not notice the loading time because you got used to it. But your visitors will. If your website loading speed stays between 1 to 2 seconds then it’s fine. Even the timeframe within 3 seconds loading speed is great. But if it’s more than 3 then your visitors will exit the website and go to another one.

As a result, you will overlook or lose a potential client.

2.Your Website Doesn’t Respond Well On Mobile Devices

It has been noticed that in today’s research, 74% of overall search happens via mobile devices. While it is quite normal to have the website working perfectly for desktop. But most of the time it doesn’t perform the same on mobile devices.

That is why you must make your website completely mobile responsive. The performance should be as same on mobile devices as the desktop ones. You can perform a manual checking from your side.

3.Bounce Rate Getting High

It is a real concern for most websites these days. You got the data from Google Analytics and other tracking methods. A big picture shows that visitors visit your website but don’t stay too long. Overall, your site’s bounce rate is decreasing.

If you track the data and find the same then changing the entire design of your website requires immediate attention.

4.It’s Cumbersome To Get What Visitors Look For

A website is ideal when it is completely user-friendly. After all, you have made your website for the users. It should be fast and informative as well. Your website may be built for a particular business. So, when the audience visits your website, they should find the information quite easily.

Check if it is tough or a complicated job for the visitors to get what they are looking for. If it’s not then redesign your website soon and make it simple for the audience. It will reduce the bounce rate as well.

5.Social Media Presence Is Same As Before

Your website has existed in all popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others. And if you stay relax then it is not enough. You can convert the website presence existence to a robust social media presence via website redesign.

If the number of likes, followers, subscribers, shares are not increasing or remaining the same for many days then give it a big thought of website redesign.

6.Your Brand Has Changed

It may have been quite obvious that your business has changed and moved from one service to another service. It should reflect on your brand, products, or services. Different website design is required for different businesses.

The new website design will make sure your business is up to date, visible and available to everyone.

7.You Are Way Behind Your Competitors

One of the biggest reasons to redesign your website entirely is because of your competitors. You have seen a different design of your competitors a few months ago and today that design is completely changed. Your competitor is doing this to stay ahead of the competition.

And you need to adapt to it as well. Redesign your website by following your competitors, survive the competition and stay ahead of all the competitors by adding innovative design.

8.The Website Is Not Getting New Business

If you are performing your business on a regular schedule and your website is responding well then it’s fine. What’s not fine is that it could be better. See if you are getting new businesses, clients, projects, or not. If your work is entirely dependant on old clients then it is evident to look for a redesign of the website.

Without an attractive, potential and functioning website, you will lose clients. The conversion rate will decrease. Redesign your website can give a fantastic boost to uprise. And it will be great if you work with a reputable and professional website design company.

Achieve all your ambitious business goals with a successful website redesign!

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